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I was born in Russia, in Moscow in 1978.
In 2003 i moved to Bulgaria.
I am a member of a professional art association, a member of the Union of Tatar Artists, the Association of Franco-European Writers, a co-founder of the Commonwealth of Russian-speaking Artists in Bulgaria. Since 2021, a member of the Commonwealth of Varna Artists. One of the paintings is in the State Ethnographic Museum of Bulgaria, the city of Varna.
Education - Moscow Academic Art College in Memory of the Revolution of 1905, faculty "Teacher Painting".
I have been an active participant of exhibitions in Russia since 1999.

Personal exhibitions

2018 -Exhibition Hall of National Radio Varna, Varna, Bulgaria. Painting, graphics, painting on silk.
2019- "She" Exhibition Hall of National Radio Varna, Varna, Bulgaria. Painting, graphics.

Group exhibitions
2017 - Exhibition of the International Association of Franco-European Writers. Aix en Provence, France.
2019 - Participation in the Art Bazaar event at the Eetar ethnographic complex, in the city of Gabrovo, Bulgaria.
2019 - (Russian Cultural Center in Sofia, Bulgaria.) Exhibition of Russian-speaking artists in Bulgaria.
2021- (Sea Casino) - participation in the exhibition of the Commonwealth of Russian-speaking artists in Bulgaria, Varna, Bulgaria.
2021- Exhibition of the Commonwealth of Russian Speaking Artists in Bulgaria (Russian Cultural Center in Sofia)
2021-, Hyperion Art Center, - exhibition-bridge of communication between Russia and Bulgaria. Varna, Bulgaria
2022- Gallery of Contemporary Art, New York, online exhibition.
2022- Plantarium Toronto, Canada, online exhibition.
2022 - City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria. Exhibition of the Commonwealth of varna artists.
2022- Exhibition of Erotic Art , Fabrika126 ciub, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2023- Passionate Silence. Exhibition Hall of National Radio Varna, Varna, Bulgaria.
2023- Vitamin Art. Exhibition Hall of National Radio Varna, Varna, Bulgaria.
Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own soul.

Carl Jung

Through the image of a person I show his soul/feelings. Baring a person, I expose their soul. I go from external to internal, opening the darkest corners of their subconscious, their  true, deep desires hidden behind social norms. What is indecent to talk about – fethish, passion, imperfection.
An artist is like a doctor. There is no shame in undressing in front of them. They heal your soul, show you your pain and reconcile you with it. The pain becomes part of your personality.
Freedom is when you can be yourself, look inside yourself, find your fears and accept them. Rejection creates internal conflict.
A human being is the most valuable and complex thing in the Universe. An individual's feelings are not always clear to them. Through my art I want to touch a person’s deepest feelings and desires that they may not be aware of, or that societal norms did not allow them to discover them in themselves.
Line and color are what I operate with in my searches, creating painting and graphics –equipments of equal value.
I am inspired by a huge layer of realistic art, from Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. The tenderness of Botticelli, the expressiveness of Rubens, the wisdom of El Greco and the mysticism of Gauguin – these are my compasses in art.
During my early creative period, I became interested in East Asian spiritual practices and they still influence my creativity. They brought me the understanding that a person cannot have only light or only dark in them. It’s the interaction of darkness and light that gives rise to the complex human essence.
I also give special importance to color theory. In my paintings predominate soothing blue and turquoise shades and dark tones, entering the viewer into a state of psychoanalysis.
Sometimes I use elements of surrealism to blur the line between reality and dream, reminding the viewer of the subjectivity of perception of the world.
Having gone through the academic school of painting, I became an adept of classical techniques of expression – oil painting, graphics and watercolours. Continuing the traditions of the old masters and maintaining my unique style, I want to show the world my interpretation of  humanism.

Как я пишу портреты.
Рисование портретов- это самое ответственное дело в работе художника. ( Не считая преподавания, конечно)) 
Есть три вида рисования портрета.
  1. С натуры. Здесь мы имеем дело с идеальным вариантом работы. Передо мной сидит человек, которого я наверняка нарисую похожим, и сделаю это достаточно быстро!
  2. С фотографии. Это самый частый вариант заказа портрета. Не очень любимая работа, ведь фотоаппарат запечатлел только миг, некую мимолётную эмоцию постоянно движущегося лица. Чаще всего, имея на руках несколько фото одного человека, понимаешь, насколько на каждой фотке он разный, и ищешь какой-то единственный вариант для рисования. Рисовать с фото скучно, но ничего не поделаешь, работа есть работа!
  3. По воображению. Здесь имеется в виду изображение несуществующего в реальности человека, некий придуманный образ. Это очень сложно, но невероятно интересно! Как будто рождается новый индивидум. Конечно, в аноатомии эого нового человека могут быть погрешности. Ведь я не совершенный рисовальщик, и мои познания пластической анатомии человека требуют постоянного совершенствования. Иногда я смотрю на себя в зеркало, что бы прорисовать какие-то сложные моменты.Так или иначе, рисовать портрет по воображению мне приходится часто, и это доставляет мне массу удовольствия.
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